Sandra LeMae Nelson Mensik

Sandy was born October 26, 1941
the only child of Dora Reher and Guido Nelson.

Here is Sandy with
Grandpa Ernest Reher.

Sandy graduated from Grand Island Senior High School in 1959.

Sandy sent the following "memories" to be posted on Rare Ramblings:

Memories of my Mom were that she worked all of the time. When she wasn't working, she was on the phone finding cooks and dishwasher so she didn't have to cover their jobs the next day. She managed the Conoco Cafe for over 20 years and retired when Bill Webster came into her life and talked her into traveling and fishing.

I remember when Mom and Bill were married they both knew a lot of people in the food business with him being a Nabisco salesman for 35 years and Mom working in restaurants most of her life (starting at Wolbachs and Kaufmans down town.) They both knew a lot of the same people and everyone was so happy they were together.

Bill was everything I thought a Dad should be. He and Mom loved to go cat fishing on the Cedar River and would take me and Jean Pollock along often. After Mom died Jean and I would still go fishing with Bill as long as he would get us home by the time our kids were out of school. He would also bait our hooks and clean the fish when we got home! Our husbands were very envious.

I was glad I went to Darwyn and Barb Buettner's "cheveree" at Aunt Frieda and Uncle Alfred's farm. That's where I met Jake, my husband of 45 years. Jakes Mother was in Aunt Freida's extension club and the Mensik farm was three miles north of the Buettners.

Jake and I were married November 5th, 1960 at Trinity Methodist Church in Grand Island.

Until having kids, I worked as a beautician at Vera's Beauty Salon in the Hotel Yancy.

Jake and I have always lived in Grand Island except from 1967 to 1977 when we lived in Rensselaer, Indiana.

One memory I have of my Mom was when she would come to visit us in Indiana. Rensselaer is about the size of Aurora, Nebraska. She was used to getting up early, so she would leave and visit the strawberry farm outside of town and go down to the local bakery for coffee. Later in the day when we would be down town, people would walk by and say, "Hi Dora." I think she would know as many people as I did.

I didn't work outside the home while the boys were young. Later on I worked at Fonner Park, American Greetings, Younkers and the last 11 years I've worked at Principal Financial Group. I also spend a lot of time visitng grandkids, golfing, Geocaching and playing cards. In 2007 I will retire and hope to do more of the same.

Brad 3 years

Darin 1 year

Sandy and Jake have two sons Bradley Allen born October 11, 1964 and Darin Scott born November 14, 1967. Both Brad and Darin were born in Grand Island, Nebraska and both graduated from Grand Island's Northwest High School. They both live in Lincoln, NE.

Darin, age 12, Bill Webster and Brad, age 14,
hunting at Uncle Ed & Hedwigs

Brad works for the Burlington Railroad. He married Vicki Legler June 28, 1987 and they had 2 children: Shandah Marie born February 21, 1988 and Meagan Allisa born August 30, 1990.
Brad married Stephanie Turner September 30, 1995.

Shandah, Brad, Megan and Steph

Darin graduated from the University of Nebraska and works for Ayres and Ayres in Lincoln. He married Brenda Jo Voss September 7, 1991 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Darin and Brenda have 3 children: Kaylee Jo born December 3, 1994, Jacob Roger born April 24, 1997, and Nathan Frank born June 12, 2000.

Darin and Brenda with Nate, Kaylee and Jake

Sandy and Jake with their grandkids...
left to right...
Kaylee, Meagan, Shandah, Nate and Jake

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