Tidbits of Family news from 2007 & 2008...

Well...As you can see... I am sad... My idea for blog post with little news items from the family didn't seem to go over very well... I only got a couple of submissions.

I am posting what I have gotten now... and will add more as they come in.
Thanks to those of you who I heard from.

Listed under the Uncle / Aunt's name... the 10 children of Ernest & Minnie Reher...


News sent by Marilyn Kowalski, daughter of Erlene...

"This year the two eldest daughters of Hugo and Olga (Erlene Still and Luella Peterson) were diagnosed (independently) with life threatening cancers. They have undergone surgery and are healing well and now beginning chemo....
Prayers and cards would be appreciated to encourage them through this difficult time."

Erlene Still
10715 Chisholm Trail
Cherry Valley, CA

Luella Peterson
10449 E Cobblestone Ln 6C
Twinsburg, Ohio


Cousin Ron and Sharry Reher from Gig Harbor, WA, took a 3-week cruise/land trip to Australia and New Zealand in January 2008. They discovered that New Zealand is a beautiful country where, surprisingly, the American dollar is worth more than the New Zealand dollar. In May they visited Ron's sister Sylvia Peters and her husband, Ralph, in Henderson, NE; Juleen Reher, Ron's aunt, also in Henderson; cousin Jodi Govig in York; and cousin Jerri Haussler in Hastings.


Edward & Hedwig's youngest daughter, Caroline and her husband Joe Ruzicka, just got back from a two week trip to Germany where they attended a family reunion of relatives on Hedwig's side of the family. The trip was also taken to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary which is September 28th.

Anniversary notes may be sent to... josephruzickac@msn.com
or to...
Joseph & Caroline Ruzicka
5013 Castelar St
Omaha, NE 68106-3146


News has arrived from Ella & Ott's grand daughter, Cyndi, who lives in Missouri. Cyndi is one of Ernie & Doris's daughters...

Cyndi says, "we have some additions on my dad's side. We have added 3 little ones in the past year. Tony and his wife had another little boy on August 10, 2007. His name is Noland. Cassie is married now and she and her husband have a little girl, EmmaRae Jean. Cassie got married in October of 2007 to Dave Cox. Then on May 3rd, 2008 our youngest daughter Mandy and her husband Brandon had a little boy, Lincoln Horner."

Cyndi's grandchildren: Madison 13, Bailey 10, and Kaitlyn 14 holding Lincoln 4 months...



This quilt, made by Cyndi, has been selected to be in a juried show, that the American Quilter's Society is putting on in October in Des Moines. It is called Missouri Sampler. Good Luck, Cyndi!!


Jodi and Dan spent two weeks fishing in Lake Erie last April with friends. The 13 people in their group caught 160 walleye ranging from 5-11 lbs each.

Jodi's son Matt writes, "Jay and I got married July 31st. We spent our honeymoon weekend cleaning the oven... but hope to take a trip to Palm Springs in October.
I've been promoted to Senior Content Strategist in the User Experience department at StubHub.com, starting September 1. I'll be officially doing much of the same job I've been doing unofficially for the past 2 years, with the exciting addition of content strategy."

No news was received from the Haussler family... however I do know there are two new additions...
Juleen now has 4 great-grandchildren...

Jerri's daughter Marci and her husband Grady now have two girls, Lia, above, just turned 4 in August and Emme, below, turned 1 in April.

Jerri's son Phil and his wife Stacey now have 2 boys, McCoy will be 3 in November and Lincoln was born on July 4th.


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Jerri said...

It's a heck of a note when my sister, Jodi, has to post stuff from me, isn't it? Thanks for posting this about my grandchildren, Jodi, and I'll try to write my own family story in the next month or so. (I'm saying this on 8-10-09, so you can see if it happens.) Love to all, Jerri