CANCER.... A Request for your Help...

Dear Reher, Stoltenberg and other family relatives...

I am Marilyn Kowalski, eldest daughter of Erlene and Raymond Still. Erlene is the daughter of the late Hugo & Olga Heesch Reher.

Recently I wrote to you of my mother’s diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. Presently she is doing well and on a brief vacation from her second round of chemotherapy.

Now I have a special request for you. I am seeking to find any relatives, family members who have passed away (as far back as you can recall) with cancer.

As a result of my mother’s diagnosis and that of her sister, Luella’s, I am participating in genetic counseling and it is coming to light that there may be a genetic link to some of the cancers.

I would be most appreciative of your help in gathering further historical data to add to our records. While we are most interested in anyone who had Pancreatic, Breast, Colon, Melanoma, Prostate, or Ovarian Cancers we would like to know about all diagnoses. If you are unsure of the type of cancer let me know anyway.

I would like the person’s name, date, and of course the cause of death. If you know place of death and date of birth it will be useful as well if we need to search for other data. If you don't know, send what you do know and Jodi can fill in the blanks using her genealogy charts.

This information will be beneficial for current and future generations of our families. Those at risk because of positive genetic identification will want to be sure to take extra precautions to be screened and tested for cancers. Please help out with your family history.

If you have questions please write. I look forward to hearing from you.

You may email me at...
Or email Jodi at...

We will share our findings with you privately...

Many thank yous in advance.


Marilyn A. (Still) Kowalski

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