Family death...

Ray Still passed away Thursday May 14th...

I had a short note from our cousin Marilyn Kowalski yesterday...
(Marilyn is the daughter of Ray & Erlene Reher Still - Erlene is the daughter of Hugo & Olga Reher)

I'll share Marilyn's note below... with obituary & more info to follow from Marilyn or as soon as I hear anything... Jodi

Kerry and I had to cut our RV trip short due to Dad's illness. He was admitted to the acute hospital last week. He was too weak to have the Bronchscopy to diagnose what they suspect was a lung cancer. All week he continued to deteriorate and peacefully passed last night around 10pm. Mom is doing well and helping to take care of business today.
I would like to put a note in the Rare Ramblings again, but just cant write it today... You can put in about his death if you like and mine will be more of a follow up around the time of his memorial if that is ok with you. If you do put in a note, please ask folks to write back with stories or comments of remembrances they may have had with dad.
Thanks, Marilyn

Erlene Still
10715 Chisholm Trail
Cherry Valley, CA


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