Wedding Photos...

Who doesn't like old photos... especially those of our ancestors, babies, weddings...  ???

Here are the old wedding photos that I have (courtesy of my Father and his old trunk of photos)...

Wilhelmina Stoltenberg and John Reher
married June 10, 1893

Theresa Buettner and Arthur Reher
married August 30, 1916

Augusta Wiese and John Reher
married September 20, 1916

Olga Heesch and Hugo Reher
married October 20, 1920

Hattie Boltz and Arnold Reher
married January 11, 1922
Emil Reher and Irene Lacy
married February 16. 1927

Edward Reher and Hedwig Knuth
married June 10, 1925

Ella Reher and Otto Husmann
married December 17, 1924

Guido Nelson and Dora Reher
married March 21,1936

Frieda Reher and Alfred Buettner
married August 31, 1931

Barney Reher and Juleen Sipple
married October 19, 1941

Sadly... I find that I don't have the wedding photo of Emil Reher and Irene Lacy scanned into my computer and my scanner doesn't work with my new Mac.

Also... I thought I had created a post of the wedding photos some years ago... but couldn't find it.
So... if this is a repeat, please excuse me... I am "old" and that is a symptom of age... ;-)

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Isabel Cabrera said...

Aw, don’t feel sorry about it. These photos are great! It’s good to see how our ancestors looked like on their wedding day. You’re fortunate that you seen this in your father’s belongings. Unlike me, I don’t even have wedding photos of my parents. They said, camera doesn’t exist, which I doubt. Anyway, this is worth preserving, and I hope your kids will keep these the way you do. Thanks for sharing. :)

Isabel Cabrera