Art Reher

Arthur John Reher

Arthur John Reher was the first child born to Ernest F and "Minnie" Stoltenberg Reher.  He was the first of 6 boys, the first of 10 children.  Art was born in Hall County, Nebraska on July 11, 1894.   

John and Art @ 1897
Art, Hugo, & John @ 1898/99
Don't you love old photos?  I read recently that in pioneer times little boys were dressed in dresses until they were potty trained. 

Art married Theresa Catherine Buettner on August 30, 1916 in Kearney, Nebraska.  My father, Barney, Art's brother, always referred to her as "Tracy" and so that is what my sister & I grew up knowing her as.  The Wyoming cousins, her grandchildren, say she was called Theresa.  I defer to them.  They should know.  Theresa was the daughter of Louis and Catherine Wiese Buettner.  She was born in Hall County, NE on April 10, 1894.   (my records show 1894 however her obituary says 1895)

After their marriage, they farmed in Kimball County, Nebraska before moving and farming near Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.  Art retired from farming in 1959.

Theresa and Art Reher
August 30, 1916
Wedding photo

Art and Theresa had 7 children in all and like Art's parents, they had 6 boys before being blessed with a daughter.  These children were:  Alfred (born at home in Kimball County, NE on July 16, 1917), Virgil (born at home in Kimball County, NE on April 15, 1919), Leonard (born in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming on March 21, 1921), Leland (born in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming on January 1, 1924), Harold (born in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming on Sept 18, 1927), Gene (born in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming on May 9, 1930), and Catherine (born in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming on May 15, 1932).

Four generations of Reher's:
Johann, Alfred, Ernest, and Art

Not sure who is who... but I think these are Art's 7 children
plus his sisters, Ella, Dora and Frieda and Art's brother, Barney
(the 4 oldest in the photo)

Tracy, Art, Alfred, Virgil, Leonard, Leland, Harold, Gene and Catherine

Art Reher died on February 16, 1972 in Pine Bluffs.  Theresa died on January 7, 1978 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  They are both buried in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.  Art was survived by 6 of his 7 children, Virgil having preceded him in 1968, and by 8 siblings, his brother Emil having preceded him in 1954.  Theresa was survived by 5 children, Harold had passed away in 1974.  At this time there were also 24 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren.

Personal memories of mine... I don't have many... We didn't see the Wyoming relatives very often.  I remember Art as tall, taller than the other uncles.  My father, Barney, would have been only 4 when Art got married, 8 when Art and his brother, John, moved to Wyoming.  Their children were closer in age to my father.  When the brothers all got together in Grand Island, I remember them playing sheepshead (a card game) and they all talked loud and in German, except for my father who only spoke a few words of German, although he seemed to understand them as they talked.  I remember a family picnic or get-together in Wyoming when I was about 7, I suppose, at which, while playing tag or some such game, I got my first kiss from one of the boy cousins... (I won't say who).  

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