2011 Reunion

Memorial Day weekend... Sunday, May 29, 2011...

A gloomy, rainy day was made much more enjoyable by attending the Reher/Husmann Reunion at the Chapman School gymnasium. Cousins Dorothy and Beverly (Husmann) are in charge of the Chapman School Reunion and decided that since not many attended it anymore they would invite the Reher cousins to join them for the pot luck lunch and an afternoon of visiting.

Below are the photos my sister, Jerri, and I took...
My apologizes to the younger family members whose names I forget
and to Bob and Norma whose family we missed other than in the large group photo.

NOTE: clicking on any photo will make it larger

Everyone who attended the reunion...

(Bob and Norma's grandson is seated in front of them, a daughter and great-granddaughter are behind them, next to her is Danny and Vikki Husmann Deuel (daughter of Kenny and Donna McGee Husman)... between Vikki and Danny is Bob and Norma's son Dan, his wife is to Vikki's right)

Ernie Husmann, Beverly Husmann Nelson, Dorothy Husmann Lilienthal, and Bob Husmann
(Four of Otto and Ella Reher Husmann's children)

Dorothy Husmann Lilienthal (center, orange top) with her family...
daughters Sondra, left, and Sherri, right, and their families

Beverly Husmann Nelson

Bob and Norma Henk Husmann

Ernie and Doris Robertson Husmann

Sisters - Caroline Ruzicka, LeMay Stoltenberg, and Arlene Rohweder
(3 of the 4 daughters of Ed and Hedwig Lacy Reher)

Joe and Caroline Reher Ruzicka and Arlene Reher & Bob Rohweder

Barb and Darwin Buettner
(son of Alfred and Frieda Reher Buettner)

Sylvia Reher & Ralph Peters
(Emil and Irene Lacy Reher's daughter)

My sister and myself
Jerri Reher Haussler and Jodi Reher Govig
(daughters of Barney and Juleen Sipple Reher)


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mak said...

Jodi, your blog is sooo wonderful. I just love it!
p.s. I happened to be sitting here doing my own genealogy records and so now I am able to update my records even more!.. I'm also adding pictures that mom (Erlene Reher) and Dad (Raymond Still)left to my ancestry file.
THANKS again for a most interesting blog...
love, marilyn k.