Roma Reher Stephenson

Roma Evelyn Reher was born April 29th, 1927, the first of four daughters born to Edward and Hedwig Knuth Reher.

Roma sent me the following memories:
(Roma's words will be in italic; my notes in regular type.)

I will try to send you a short note about my life. I am not sure where I was born, in Grand Island, I think. I do remember living on the place just across the road from Grandma and Grandpa Reher’s place. I was about 2 or 3 years old at that time.

Then we moved to the Rohweder place on the highway to Hastings, 281. We lived there until the folks bought the home place. I went to District 28 until the 10th grade. My last two years I went to High School. I always wanted to go to Hollywood or join a band to go to Nashville. I loved to sing.

Roma graduated from Grand Island Senior High School in 1945

My last year in High School, I started working at Woolworths 5 and 10 Cent Store. I was working there when I met Riley. It was a blind date that his Aunt Naomi set up for him. His cousin was going to District 28 also. She had told him that there was a gal she wanted him to get acquainted with. I had told everyone that I would just go with him that one night. Guess what?? That has been 59 years ago. December 16, 1944 was our first date.

Riley then went to the service. In May he came home on furlough, gave me an engagement ring and then went overseas. He missed the war and was on occupation duty until he was discharged in October 1946. Two weeks later we were married, October 27th, 1946.

We lived in Boelus for two years. Then we decided to move to Washington State because his Dad lived there. That was the best move we could have made. We came out here in November and spent the winter with his Dad and step mother. We sent all our things in a railroad car for $300.00. We took the bus. Amanda was 2 years old when we made the trip.

Amanda Mae Stephenson Thomas

Our daughter Amanda was born September 2nd, 1947 in Loup City, Nebraska. She passed away October 15th, 2005. She had 2 girls, 1 boy and 5 grandchildren.

Amanda married Joe Allen Thomas June 21, 1969. Their children are: Riley Jay born March 6, 1968 in Colville, Washington, Ella Rebecca born December 8, 1970, and Kristy LeAnn born March 5, 1973, both in Chewelah, Washington.

Amanda's Family: Fred & Kristi Durgeloh, Becky Thomas, Rea & Riley Thomas

Twilla June Stephenson George

Twilla was born October 3rd, 1950 at the Colville, Washington hospital. She has three boys by her first marriage. She is now married to Morley George who is a Canadian citizen.

Twilla's first marriage was to Michael Wiemers on July 5, 1969. Their children are: Gary William born April 4, 1970, Michael Damon born April 26, 1971, and Anthony Phillip born July 13, 1973. All were born in Colville, Washington.

Clarence Edward Stephenson

Clarence Edward was born on November 9th, 1953 also at the Colville hospital.

Clarence married Teresa Ann Marie Smith on October 5, 1973. Their children are: Clarence Joseph born on July 15, 1974, Kassandra Marie born August 18, 1976, and Zackery Karl born March 10, 1978 and James Edward born January 10, 1981. All were born in Chewelah, Washington. Joseph and James are not married. Zachrey has 2 children, Ashley and Bridget. Kassandra married Chris Palmer in Idaho. They have 3 children: Ernest Riley, Anne Marie, and Chris Robert.

William Jay Stephenson

William Jay married Jeanne Hatherall when he was stationed in Camp Hood, Texas. Then he was sent to Germany. His oldest boy Christopher was born in Nuremberg, Germany July 3rd, 1977. Mom (Hedwig) and I went to Germany for 6 weeks and were there when Chris was born.

Bill and Jeanne's two boys are: Christopher Kiel born July 3, 1977 in Nuremberg, Germany and Andy born in Colville, WA on April 27, 1982. After his divorce in May of 1983, Bill married Jan Van Klinken in Palmer, Alaska. They have one daughter, Shaylene who was born December 6, 1989. In 1994 Bill & Jan divorced and in 1997 he married Gina Hartz in Palmer, Alaska. Gina has two children Tiffany and Cheyene.

Our children are all graduated from Colville High School. We have 4 children,
13 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

Roma and Riley celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary
at the Senior Citizens Hall in Chewelah, Washington Oct 27, 1986

Roma and Riley celebrated their 50th Anniversary
at the Grange Hall in Colville, Washington in 1996

Their 50th was celebrated with a dance. The band that played was Kicken' Country with their daughter Twilla singing and son-in-law Morley George playing guitar on the left.

Roma and Riley with their children taken on thier 50th Anniversary
Amanda, Edward, Roma, Riley, Twilla and Bill

Pictured below are some of Roma's great-grandchildren:

Makayla, Sheyann, Noah and Cody

Michael, Katey Marie,
and James

Roma and Riley with part of their family last year...

Children in front: Sheyann, Makayla (Tony & Heather's daughters),
Anne Nichole and Jacob (Gary & Christie's children)
Middle row: Heather Weimer (Tony's wife), Roma and husband Riley,
Gary Weimer and his wife Christie
Back row: Riley Thomas, Tony Weimer, Edward Stephenson, Bill Stehpenson, a family friend with his girlfriend, Joe Thomas & his daughter Kristi LeAnn Durgeloh



Clarence said...

I would like to let you know a little more about my kids Joey's full name is Clarence Joesph and his birthday is July 15, 1974 not the 13th as you have here, Carl Zackery is actually Zackery Karl with a K not C and James middle name is Edward not Allen and his birthday is January 10, 1981.

Jodi said...

Clarence... Thanks for the corrections to your family!! I have corrected it in both the blog & my Family Tree files. James b-day was my typo... the other info I got from Roma.

Please e-mail me at ... I would like to add you to my mailing list and welcome any other updates to your family.

Thanks again!! Jodi