Ernest Husmann

Ernest Otto Husmann was born June 7, 1932 in Chapman, NE
He was the third child of five, third and last son born to
Otto and Ella Reher Husmann

Ernie's sister Beverly wrote, "Just a note about Ernie. When he was born he was named Byron Otto. Grandpa Reher could never remember his name. He asked Mom why she didn't name him something he could remember. Mom asked him what he would like to name him and he became Ernest Otto from that time on. Even his birth certificate has Ernest on it. Mom never did say how long before Grandpa renamed him."

I had suspected Ella named Ernie after her Father, our Grandfather, Ernest Reher and his Father Otto... But now we know "the story" and why Ernie got this name.

On May 2, 1952, Ernie married his high school sweetheart, Doris J Robertson in Grand Island, Nebraska. Ernie and Doris both graduated from Chapman High School.
Doris was born Dec 20, 1932 in Des Moines, Iowa, the daughter of Lee and Daisy Robertson.

Doris and Ernie

Ernie and Doris have 7 children, 13 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren and 1 step-great-grandchild. Their children are Cyndi, Lianne, Tom, William, Nancy, Shirley and Darrell.

Cyndi and Lianne

1. Cynthia Kay born Jun 22, 1952 in Grand Island, NE.

Cyndi and David

Cyndi married David Michael Johnson Mar 31, 1972
They have two children: Kallie Suzanne and Amanda Dawn

Kallie is married to Jaime Baker
They have three children: Kaitlyn, Madison, and Bailey

Mandy is married to Brandon Gray
They have a little boy: Lincoln Hunter

Five Generations - 1994
Ella with son, Ernie, and his daughter, Cyndi, granddaughter, Kallie, and great-granddaughter, Kaitlyn who would be Ella's great-great-granddaughter

Ella and Kaitlyn

Cyndi and Lianne

2. Lianne Marie born Dec 3, 1954 ... died Nov 12, 2007
Married Gary Jarvis Ferguson in 1973
They have three children:
Quentina Marie, Trudi Ann, and Jarvis Anthony (called Tony)
Quentina married Kevin Kirby and has one son, Blake Allan
Trudi married Chadwick Boyd. Chadwick has a son, Austin.
Tony married Chasity Swank
They have two sons, Zachary and Noland and a daughter, Halle.

3. Tom Ernest born Oct 29, 1957
Married Cathy Bryant in 1992
They have two children: Ryan Thomas and Taylor Mae

4. William H born Dec 20, 1958
Married Kathy Flannery April 6 1984
They have two children: Michelle Renae and Jonathon Troy

5. Nancy Jean born Nov 24, 1960
Married Phillip Murray
They have two children: Cassie and Derrick
Cassie is married to Dave Cox
They have a daughter, EmmaRae Jean

6. Shirley Sue born April 6, 1962
Married Larry Snodgrass in May of 1984
They have two children: Andrew Edward and Allison Elaine

7. Darrell Allen was stillborn April 18, 1963

Back row: Lianne, Nancy, Shirley, and Cyndi
Front row: Tom and Bill

Ernie's daughter Lianne wrote: Cyndi and I both live in Trenton, Missouri. Dad was transferred to Trenton from Grand Island in the summer of 1970. Dad worked for the trailer manufactory in Grand Island, I think it was Redman Homes. When we moved to Trenton, he changed company’s but still built mobile homes. We lived here for 18 months before another transfer sent us to Pretty Prairie, Kansas where we lived for about a year. Up came another transfer, this time to Gainesville, Texas. Cyndi and I were both at the dating age when we lived in Trenton and both have made our homes here. Tom, Bill, Nancy and Shirley all graduated from High School in Gainesville Texas and all are located in that area. Tom and his family make their home in Euless, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas. Shirley and her family live in Tyler, Texas. Then Nancy and her family as well as Bill and his family live in Lindsey, Texas. Mom and Dad live in Muenster Texas which is an old German town just a few miles from Nancy and Bill. Now Dad and our brother Bill have their own construction business in Texas, have built several new homes and have done a lot of remodeling.

Ernie and Doris 50th Anniversary - 2005

Ernie and Doris with their family, May 2005
Back row: Ernest Husman, Nancy Husman Murray,
Shirley Husman Snodgrass and William Husman
Front row: Cynthia Husman Johnson, Doris Robertson Husman,
Lianne Husman Ferguson and Tom Husman

More stories and pictures of the rest of the family will be added as they are received so check back.


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Cyndi said...

April 13, 2012 we lost my dad to cancer. We feel his loss everyday but at Christmas this year mom gave everyone a little taste of dad. Each grandchild got a set of dad's Budweiser Beer mugs as a reminder of his love for each of them. Then each of his children got a special bear made from his t-shirts. Here's to you you so much and miss you dearly!