1941 Christmas card

From Ed and Hedwig Reher
To Barney and Juleen Reher

Grand Island, Neb
Dec. 21, 1941

Dear Sis & Bro ---

Received your Xmas card Sat. & today the birthday card and thanks for them. Caroline thinks that little spoons cute. I'm sure sorry that our Xmas card will be late. But Ed got in his head he was going to Wyo. for Xmas. So I finish them Sat. evening right away & here on the table they all lay yet. And for that we might not get to go at all.

This morning at 3:30 it started to thunder & lighting and rained, this forenoon it was thundering & lightening, tonite when they were doing chores it started snowing & after that it rained again, it's 8:30 now & only the wind is blowing so hard telling what it will be like tomorrow morning. Hope good.

Washed today & dryed all my clothes in house and done our ironing too so if we won't get to go that's aside anyway.

Got a letter from John's today & Gustie was writing it in bed. But the Dr. had been there & he said she could be up alittle again.

Guess I'll close everybody's in bed but me and it's quiet here. So hopeing to hear from you soon. Thanks for the picture.
With Love, Ed, Hedwig & girls

(note at the top of the letter says...
Dec 23 The roads are quite icy but we will start out anyway.
A Happy New Year to you.)


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