Cousins Get-together

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photo taken about 1944
(left to right)
Rogene with Sandy in front, Arlene and Caroline with Jackie in front, LeMae with Darwyn in front, Beverly and Dorothy

Monday, June 5th, 2006 the local cousins got together.

Alfred and Frieda Reher Buettner's daughter Rogene and her husband Ed Behrendsen were in town from Colorado and that prompted the little "family reunion". If I remember correctly, this was the first time we had all gotten together in 15 years.

Ernest and Minnie Reher's would have been happy as eight of their ten children's families were represented:
Hugo: daughter Jackie and her daughter Michelle
Arnold: daughter Eunice
Emil: daughter Sylvia and her husband Ralph
Eddy: daughters LeMae and her husband Marvin
and Caroline and her husband Joe,
Ella: son Bob and his wife Norma, and daughter Dorothy
Dora: daughter Sandy
Frieda: daughter Rogene and her husband Ed, and son Darwyn
Barney: wife Juleen and daughters Jodi and Jerri

Art and John, with families in Wyoming, were missing as only the local Nebraska cousins were notified of the impromptu get-together. Of these Nebraska cousins, only Eddy's Arlene and Ella's Beverly could not attend.

I think the evening was a huge success. It sure was fun seeing everyone and getting caught up a little. I know I left wishing there had been a little more time and that we had gone around the room telling each other about our own families, where our children were, and what they were doing.

Everyone brought photos from their collections: photos of their families for inclusion in "their stories" and old family photos, ones of our grandparents that were new to me. I was so thrilled with them all and will try to get them posted soon.

My camera had died three days before we got together but several people took pictures. So far I have received pictures from Jerri and Sandy. No one likes pictures of themselves and so I hope they aren't too upset by these... I know I hate the ones of myself but in all fairness will share them too. I tried to choose the best picture of each of us.

Hopefully we can all get together a little more often. We left vowing to try to do this when some of the other cousins come "home" to Nebraska...

Rogene and Ed Behrendsen

Sylvia and Ralph Peters

Sandy Mensik, Jerri Haussler, and Darwyn Buettner

LeMae and Marvin Stoltenberg

Jackie and Michelle Pollock

Dorothy Lilienthal

Darwyn Buettner

Caroline and Joe Ruzicka

Norma and Bob Husmann
holding Juleen's dog Savannah

Jodi Govig, Juleen Reher, and Jerri Haussler

Candid photos... around the room

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