1941 Christmas Card from Frieda and Alfred...

1941 Christmas Card from Frieda

Above is the Christmas card and envelope that my parents, Barney and Juleen Reher, got from Frieda and Alfred Buettner in December 1941.

Unfold the card and inside is the letter she wrote to them (typed as she wrote it):

Dec 22, 1941
6:30 A.M.
Dear Bro & Sis:

Well here's the scotch in me, I just couldn't leave all this space go to waste, even if I am a little bit peeved at you for not writing us once, the way I gather it, you have written to all except us, won't you write just a tiny letter, so I can sleep better. Ha! Ha!

How does the war situation bother you up there, I suppose plenty, althou we were over to Hattie & Arnold yesterday & saw Eunice & she doesn't seem to be much concerned about it.

Old man weather is surely doing some freakish tricks, here it is raining, lightening, thundering ever since 3 A.M. & all week its been weather more like Easter than Xmas.

We finighed picking corn Dec 4th, got around 2500 bushels, some of it did 70 to 75 bu. per acre, next year they are going to plant all hybred.

The men are butchering a beef today over to Wm Buettner & we'll get half of it, and next week we're going to butcher 3 hogs, so you can come down & get a job and all the meat you can eat, I'll guarantte you that, I only wih it was all over with.

Alfred thinks he'll find some time to do some trapping yet after the first of the year, furs got a pretty good price this year even rabbits are worth 15 cents each or 80 cents a lb. for skinned & dried furs.

I made my fruit cakes last week & think I'll make some cookies today.

Well I must hurry along & get the rest of my cards in the mail, this leaves us all O.K. and I hope it reaches you the same, wishing you a
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year,
From Frieda, Alfred & family

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Matty G said...

Those are great memories! Seeing the pics brought back my own (not very detailed) memories of Frieda and visiting their farm (on only a couple occasions).

It's weird seeing old pictures of children... to me... for some reason.

This is turning into a really cool chronicle of the family!