Cranberry Sherbert

One of my favorite Reher family traditions is Cranberry Sherbert -- that's right, we say Sherbert not Sherbet. Not sure why. We just do. We prefer two R's where possible, like Reher. Despite being an icy dessert, the Rehers eat Cranberry Sherbert twice every winter: Thanksgiving and Christmas. According to my recipe card, the tradition was passed down from Great-grandma Adda Rockwell Sipple.

6 cups water
4 cups sugar
1 package (3-4 cups) cranberries
4 Lemons
4 Egg Whites

Stew (almost boil) water, sugar, cranberries until all berries pop.
Strain, smashing to get some pulp but mostly juice.
Discard solid. Keep the Juice.
Add juice from 4 lemons.
Mix in 4 beaten egg whites (foam will stay on top).
When semi-hard, take out and beat. Then re-freeze. (If frozen, let partially thaw and beat)



Marci said...

Nothing better than SherbeRt!!! I make a quarter of the recipe.


JHaussler said...

How do you quarter a package of cranberries, Marci? Doesn't the produce man have the produce police out watching the produce for this sort of produce vandalism? :)

JHaussler said...

P.S. I'm glad to finally have this family recipe, since my whole family knows how to make it, except me!

Matty G said...


I didn't make it this year, and I really missed it!