Reher Family Tree

Reher Family Tree

Well, cousins, here goes...

You will all need to connect yourselves to one of the 10 children of Ernest and Minnie Stoltenberg Reher... (Art, John, Hugo, Arnold, Emil, Ed, Ella, Dora, Frieda or Barney).  If you need help doing this, just ask me...

Now to add the branches of the tree, going back in time, starting with Ernert and Minnie...

1.  Ernest Frederick Reher born April 30, 1872  in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and died June 20, 1945 in Hall County, Nebrska

October 6, 1893 he married Helene Wilhelmina (Minnie) Stoltenberg in Grand Island, NE

2.  Ernest Reher,s parents were
Johann F Reher and Sophie Vogt

Johann Frederick Reher was born Feb 1, 1840 in Bebensee, Segeberg, Holstein, Germany and died Nov 15, 1924 in Hall County, NE

Johann married Sophie Vogt in 1863 in Negennbroetel, Segeberg, Germany

Sophie Vogt was born June 12, 1842 in Germany  and died No. 10, 1894 in Hall County, NE... (I don't have her parents or more info on her)

Johann and Sopie came from their hometown, Hagersdorf, Germany to the United Stated on the ship Frisia, the captain being Captain Meier.  They came directly to Hall County, Nebraska, arriving April 2, 1873.

They had 3 children:  1.  Emma Dorothy born June 17, 1867 in Segeberg, Germany who married Hans Scheel. 2. Ernest and 3.  Anna born in 1874in Hall County, NE who married  Carl Stoltenberg (Minnie's brother)

3.  Johann's parents were Casper Hineich Reher and Sophia Elizabeth Maria Ehlers

Casper was born April 3, 1807 in Draggers, Germany and died in Germany on Feb 16, 1892

Casper married Sophia Ehlers on Oct 15, 1831 in Germany

Sophia Ehlers was born May 11. 1806 in Germany and died Sept 6, 1862 in Germany. She was the daughter of Johann Frederick Ehlers and Catherine Mergantha Danker ( I have no more info on them)

Casper and Sophia Ehlers Reher had 3 known children...  1.  Marcus Heinrich (Max) Reher born Jan 14, 1834  2.  Johann Frederich Reher (#2 above) and 3.   Hans Christian Reher born Aug 18, 1843 in Segeberg, Holstein, Germany and married Christina Margaretha Kroeger in Germany.  (Christian and Christina came to America with Johann and Sophie... They had a daughter, Meta, who married Henry Edward Stoltenberg, also a brother of Minnie)

4.  Casper Hinrich Reher 's parents were Casper Reher born Mar 15, 1776 in Dreggers, Germany, died Mar 21, 1861 in Germany, married to Sophia Fredericka Catherina Kohls on May 13, 1804 in Segeberg, Germany

Sophia Kohls was born in 1779 and died Jan 4, 1864, both in Germany

I have no more information on these people as to other children they most certainly had... Nor can I go further back on the Reher side.

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