Claus & Esther Stoltenberg
50th Anniversary Picture

This picture was taken in October of 1912 in honor of the celebration of Claus and Esther Paustian Stoltenberg's 50th wedding anniversary.

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Claus and Esther were married December 6, 1862 in Hall County, Nebraska by Judge Wallichs, one of the first weddings preformed in the young settlement on the prairie.

Identification of their descendants in the photo is as follows:

Back row:
1 Fred Stoltenberg
2 Carl Stoltenberg
3 Fred Wiese
4 Art Reher
5 Arnold Tagge
6 Dora Tagge Hitchler
6 Anna Wrage Tagge
8 Anna Stoltenberg
9 Amelia Stoltenberg
10 Emma Stoltenberg
11 Richard Stoltenberg
12 Albert Tagge
13 John Stoltenberg
14 Bernardt Wiese
15 Ernest Reher holding
16 Frieda Reher Buettner
17 Marie Wiese Brabender
18 Anna Stoltenberg Rauert
19 Esther Stoltenberg Nietfeldt
20 Rosa Wiese

Middle Row:
21 John Reher
22 Rudy Stoltenberg
23 Hugo Reher
24 Barney Stoltenberg
25 Max Tagge
26 Frank Hitchler and daughter Hazel (Hitchler Hines)
27 Claus Tagge
28 Carl Stoltenberg and son Albert
29 Fred Stoltenberg
30 Edward Stoltenberg
32 Claus Stoltenberg
32 Esther Paustian Stoltenberg
32 Cecelia Stoltenberg Wiese
34 Minnie Stoltenberg Reher and son Barney
35 Alvina Stoltenberg Wallick
36 Emily Stoltenberg Eggers
37 Martha Wiese Reher
38 Frieda Stoltenberg

Front Row, sitting:
39 Emil Stoltenberg
40 Arnold Reher
41 Edward Reher
42 Emil Reher
43 Emily Tagge Ewoldt
44 Anna Stoltenberg Hargens
45 Olga Stoltenberg Rathman
46 Dora Stoltenberg Rathman
47 Ella Reher Husmann
48 Edith Tagge Schmidt
49 Dora Reher Nelson Webster

Claus and Esther had six children: Alvina, Henry Edward, Johann Ferdinand, Cecilia, Wilhelmina (Minnie) and Carl... They and their families are as follows per the photo:

Alvina Stoltenberg had died in 1897 but married Claus Tagge #27... Their children are: Arthur (not picture, #5 Arnold Tagge, #6 Dora Tagge Hitchler, and #12 Albert Tagge... Claus Tagge's second wife is #7 Anna Wrage Tagge... Their children are: #25 Max Tagge, #43 Emily Tagge Ewoldt, and #48 Edith Tagge Schmidt...

Edward Stoltenberg #30 married Meta Reher (she died in 1910 and was the daughter of Chris Reher, brother to Ernest's father Johann) Their children are: #1 Fred Stoltenberg, #2 Carl Stoltenberg, #18 Anna Stoltenberg Rauert, #35 Alvina Stoltenberg Wallicks, #36 Emily Stoltenberg Eggers and #38 Frieda Stoltenberg.

Ferdinand (Fred) Stoltenberg #29 married Amelia Heesch #9... Their children are: #11 Richard Stoltenberg, #19 Esther Stoltenberg Nietfeldt, #22 Rudy Stoltenberg, # 24 Barney Stoltenberg, #44 Anna Stoltenberg Hargens, #45 Olga Stoltenberg Rathman, #46 Dora Stoltenberg Rathman and Clarine Stoltenberg Radenbaugh who was born in 1921.

Cecelia Stoltenberg #33 married Bernardt Wiese #14... Their children are: #3 Fred Wiese, #17 Marie Wiese Brabender, #20 Rosa Wiese, and #37 Martha Wiese Reher (her husband William was the son of Chris Reher, Johann's brother).

Wilhelmina (Minnie) #34 married Ernest Reher #15... Their children are: #4 Art, #16 Frieda Reher Buettner, #21 John, #23 Hugo, #34 Barney on Minnie's lap, #40 Arnold, #41 Edward, #42 Emil, $47 Ella Reher Husmann, and #49 Dora Reher Nelson Webster.

Carl Stoltenberg #28 married Anna Reher #8 (sister to Ernest)... Their children are: #13 John, #28 Albert being held by Carl, #39 Emil, and Wilmer who was born later.

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