Do You Remember?

I saw this in an issue of Reminisce magazine and boy did it bring back memories... Who else can remember going in to Kernan's Shoe Store on 3rd Street in downtown Grand Island when they were little?... The biggest thrill being to stand on the Fluoroscope machine and look into the view port to see the skeleton of your feet!

Downtown Grand Island in the 1940s, I think
3rd Street, looking East

When we were little for something to do on a Wednesday evening, we'd go park downtown, purchase some popcorn at the Grand Theater and then just sit in the car and watch the people. Wednesday evening the stores were open. I hate to admit this, but we'd make up stories about the people as they passed or make fun of their hair-do or clothes. It was a lot of fun and my Mother, Juleen, had such a vivid imagination she could keep us entertained for an hour or more with these stories.

Locust Street, between 2nd and 3rd, looking north

Third Street looking west from Sycamore
The clock tower is on 3rd and Pine

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Toast said...

The fluroscope idea is amazing. What a great idea -- if only it weren't carcinogenic... That's funny that you would make up stories downtown. I try to play that game with Stacey but she's much too nice to make fun of strangers.

Marilyn Kowalski said...

I remember those machines, but never enjoyed looking at my toes. I suspect I was too short to look in !!.. I knew they were taken out and wondered why then, of course time is education and I understand now. My husband, Kerry also recalls the machines, mostly in "Buster Brown" stores here in CA.

Matty G said...

If you don't make fun of strangers, who DO you make fun of?

I want to know what kind of stories Grammy told...