Christmas Card from Ella and Ot Husmann...

This is the Christmas card my parents, Barney and Juleen, got from Husmann's in 1941. Barney and Juleen had just gotten married in October and had left immediately for California.

(I've copied it as it's written... it is in pencil... not much punctuation)

Mon. Nite

Hi Kids,

Well how's every thing Out there thot may be we would be seeing All you kids back in GI or aint you scared I'm thinking of you every day an lesson every once in awhile on the radio of conditions out there. Got your letter the day after it happen. hows Eunice hope she can come home pretty soon I think she is home sick along to now. An than with the excitement there makes it worse.

It was cold here all last wk snow all day Thursday still is some on the ground but was awful nice to-day. Don't know much news we haven't been any where out side up to GI last wk we have all been sick with the flu here for 3 wks already Earnest has missed school since last Wed. It settle in his right ear it broke open Thursday an has drained terrible since but think it will be OK again soon.

Dad might go to Wyo. this wk with Max Wiese he wants him along as Gustie don't feel good again. She has been in bed 2 wks an may be has to have an operation again but hope not.

Well I'm tired I washed to-day an it is 11-30 already an are going to have corn shellers to-morrow that is something that has been a long time since we had them. Well Write once when you have a little time an tell me about the condition there

With Love
Ot & Ella & Family

P.S. I see in the list you send along that sugar is 53c there it 65c here. An some of the rest is the same here an some lower.

(Wed morn) It is Dirty & windy here dust blows terrible can't see very far at times.

P.S. Say where the rest of the letter you wrote me or did you forget to finish it or maybe are still nervous yet an forgot like the day you got married ha! ha! Didn't get it mail yesterday Dad & Emils were here last nite our wedding day is to-day they came early.

(end of note)

The inside of the card

I think it is quite elegant that Ella and Ot had their names commercially printed on their Christmas cards. It is always so much more expensive when you do that!

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